Top 5 Ways To Manage Your To-Do List With Android Apps

One of the most satisfying feelings is reflecting on tasks completed, especially after an exhausting day. Whether an individual has significant reading to catch up on for a course taken during the semester or multiple meetings to attend in a single day, taking time to plan the day by creating a to-do list can make a meaningful difference.

Not only does a to-do list help provide an overview of everything needing completion, but the feeling of marking off an ignored task from the list for weeks is incredible. While all Android devices arrive with a preinstalled Notes app that can be used to generate a to-do list, it may lack all the needed features to efficiently plan the day.

Fortunately, if this is the case, countless dedicated apps are available on the Google Play Store specifically created to assist with planning the day. All apps included below are highly rated in the Google Play Store and are reviewed based on testing personally.

01. Google Tasks – Best For Manage Your To-Do List

Google Tasks

With over 10 million downloads and a 4.5-star rating on the Google Play Store, Google Tasks is likely the only application needed to get one’s life back on track. Especially for those deeply engaged with Google Workspace using applications like Google Calendar, Google Docs, Drive, Gmail, and more, a to-do list that automatically syncs with associated platforms is ideal.

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Additionally, for those with an existing Google account, a new account does not need to be created to use the app. All that is required is to install the app from the Play Store, and upon launching the app, one will be signed into their Google account.

To organize one’s life, granting the app permission to send notifications is recommended. Users will then be directed to the app’s homepage, where new tasks can be added and existing ones viewed.

With a clean and easy-to-use interface, the app is straightforward to navigate and has all the features needed to plan the day. To add a new task, simply tap the plus icon and fill out relevant details for the task, including the date and time for the task, the task name, whether it’s a recurring task, and any additional details. Once created, the task will also be viewable in the Google Calendar and side panel of Gmail.

For those with much to manage but whose life is separated into two or more parts like university, work, and personal life, Google Tasks allows organizing tasks into separate lists. While the app could benefit from some additional advanced planning features, it is suitable for individuals seeking a simple means to get their lives in order.

02. Tasks


Developed by Pocket Brilliance Limited, the Tasks app provides a simple yet powerful way to maintain your to-do list, even with a heavy workload. Based on user reviews, Tasks has the highest rating on the Google Play Store at 4.8 stars compared to similar apps. Interruptive ads often negatively impact the user experience.

While some methods can block unwanted pop-up ads on Android phones, Tasks offers a better solution. A premium version enables sharing lists, using the web app, automatic and manual backups, and syncing across devices. However, removing ads does not require payment. Tasks function as an ad-free task management application.

Late-night thoughts of upcoming responsibilities can disrupt sleep. Considering adding the task in the morning yet easily forgetting remains a risk. Tasks address this challenge through a home screen widget allowing task addition without opening the app.

Prioritization is also possible by rearranging items based on importance. The reminder feature further supports remembering critical tasks. For seeking an adless task manager simple to operate, Tasks merits consideration for download.

03. Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do

Similar to how Google Tasks is ideal for managing tasks for those deeply engaged with Google Workspace, Microsoft To-Do is among the top apps that can be used to manage daily tasks for those using Microsoft apps like Teams and Word for work or school purposes.

Unlike other mentioned apps in our list, this app is available in over fifty languages without requiring a subscription to premium features for fuller exploration. Microsoft To-Do has been downloaded by over 10 million users worldwide and has an impressive rating of 4.7 stars.

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Upon launching Microsoft To Do, the user is greeted with the My Day page. Simply tapping the Add a Task button allows entry of all tasks needing accomplishment. Due dates of Today, Tomorrow, or Next Week can be selected or a custom date set. If some tasks need repeating every so often, Microsoft To-Do also permits creating recurring tasks to ensure they are not forgotten.

Another liked Microsoft To-Do feature is Suggestions. Once the app is used regularly to manage to-do lists, the Suggestions tool will display past-created tasks. Should a task from the Suggestions tool need repeating, it can be added to the current to-do list with a single tap.

04. Todoist


If you have ever looked for to-do list apps before, it is impossible to not have heard of Todist. Developed by Doist Inc., the app has been downloaded by over 10 million people worldwide, with the developers claiming it is trusted by more than 42 million people.

Todist allows for numerous planning features such as filters, labels, recurring tasks, reminders, and more, enabling users to efficiently manage daily tasks. When launching the app, one can log in with Google, Apple, Facebook, or email accounts. Users will initially be asked if they plan to use the app for personal, work, or education-related tasks.

Users can then create a username and upload a profile picture. By granting Todosit permission to send notifications, users will not only receive reminders about tasks but also a morning and evening overview. To add a new task, simply tap the red plus button, enter the task name, and add details, and a due date.

Todist lets users prioritize tasks into four categories – Priority 1, Priority 2, Priority 3, and Priority 4 for more efficient planning and to ensure the most time and energy is given to important tasks. Tasks will then be sorted according to priority, with the most urgent task first on the list.

The app also automatically syncs across smartwatches, phones, and desktops. While Todist is among the best planning apps, the only drawback is tasks cannot be set with reminders without upgrading to the premium version. At the time of writing, the Pro version costs $4 per month and includes task reminders, an AI assistant, a calendar layout, and more.

05. TickTick


If Google Tasks does not meet your needs due to limited advanced features but you prefer viewing tasks in a calendar format, consider trying the TickTick app. With an average rating of 4.6 stars on the Google Play Store, many users worldwide endorse the app. While all the aforementioned apps allow creating to-do lists with checkboxes, TickTick helps complete tasks from exhaustive lists through the additional function of an integrated Pomodoro timer.

Using the Pomodoro technique involves having a 25-minute focus session followed by a five-minute break, repeating this cycle four times, and then taking a longer break. This focus method proves popular among students and professionals globally as it facilitates accomplishing required tasks.

All tasks added to the app synchronize across TickTick’s website, Android and iOS apps, PC, and Wear OS Watch. The app also includes a habit tracker to further encourage achieving goals. Therefore, for individuals who like planning months and struggle to commit to long-term habits, exploring the app and its various capabilities merits consideration.

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