9 macOS Sonoma Settings You Need to Change on Launch

Hi friends, it’s Prince Likhon. I hope you’re good. Apple has a new macOS called macOS Sonoma. There are many new things. Safari is better for browsing and privacy. Messages have cool upgrades. There are fun new screensavers. Screen sharing works faster.

Notes and PDFs are easier to use. The best part is the new features for widgets, video calls, and games. I have a list of 9 settings to change when you get the new MacOS Sonoma. I tried Sonoma on my M2 Air and found cool features. Let’s see them.

01. Enable Web Apps On macOS Sonoma

You can now make web apps with macOS Sonoma. It’s easy to do. Go to Safari and open the website you want to make an app for. When it loads, click File and then Add to Dock. You can change the app icon and name here. The new app will be in your dock.

Enable Web Apps On macOS Sonoma
Enable Web Apps On macOS Sonoma

When you click the app, it opens an app version of the web page, not just Safari. It works separately from Safari. You can use this app in Mission Control and Stage Manager like other apps. It looks nice and works fast. Give it a try!

02. Inline Predictive Text Settings

To turn on or off the inline predictive text, follow these steps. First, open the notes and try typing something like “Thank you very much.” You will see that it finishes the sentence for you.

Inline Predictive Text Settings
Inline Predictive Text Settings
Inline Predictive Text Settings

To change this, go to System Settings and find Keyboard. Then, look for Text Input and click Edit. Here, you can see Show Inline Predictive Text. You can choose to turn it off or on.

Some people like this feature, while others don’t. If you type fast, it might be annoying. But if you type slowly, it could be helpful.

03. Improved Dictation

Improved Dictation
Improved Dictation

You can change the keyboard dictation setting, which is better in Sonoma. Go to system settings and find the keyboard. There is a new dictation area that lets you use your voice with your keyboard. To try it, press F5 and say a sentence. It’s fast and helps you write easily.

04. Creating Safari Profiles

You can make different profiles in Safari for an easy way to stay organized. First, open Safari and click on Settings. Next, click Profiles and then New Profile. It’s a good idea to make one for work, play, and anything else you want to explore.

Creating Safari Profiles
Creating Safari Profiles
Creating Safari Profiles

For example, let’s create a work profile. Pick a symbol and color for it. Then, you can make new bookmark folders or use ones you already have. Click Create Profile when you’re done.

Now, you can see the profile you made in the top left corner. To open a new profile window, right-click Safari on the dock. You can choose to open work or personal windows.

05. Lock Private Tabs in Safari

Lock Private Tabs in Safari
Lock Private Tabs in Safari

Lock private tabs to keep secret things safe. In Safari, click Settings and then Privacy. You’ll see “Private browsing needs Touch ID to view locked tabs.” If you have a Mac, it might say “password” instead of “Touch ID.” This adds more safety when you’re browsing. When you open a private tab, it will need a Touch ID or password to open again.

06. Optimize Your Mac with CleanMyMac X

You should try the CleanMyMac X app, which helps fix problems on your Mac. Sometimes, your Mac can have issues like not having enough memory or losing data. CleanMyMac X stops these problems before they happen.

CleanMyMac X

If you want to add Sonoma to your Mac, you need 13 gigabytes of space. CleanMyMac X helps make room by removing unneeded things. It checks deep inside your Mac with tools like Space Lens and Smart Scan. It even finds old podcasts from Apple Music.

CleanMyMac X makes your Mac work better for any job you need it to do. You can try it free for 7 days with the link below. Run the scans and clean your Mac before upgrading it.

07. Creating Smart Folders on macOS Sonoma

Smart Folders are great for organizing your files on a Mac. Here’s how to use them:

  1. Open Finder and click “File” then “New Smart Folder.”
  2. Click the “+” icon to set rules for the folder.
  3. For example, to find photos taken on a Sony camera, choose “Device Make Matches” and type “Sony.”
Creating Smart Folders on macOS Sonoma
Creating Smart Folders on macOS Sonoma
Creating Smart Folders on macOS Sonoma
Creating Smart Folders on macOS Sonoma

Now you’ll see a new folder with all the Sony photos in it. It’s easy and helps you stay organized!

08. macOS Sonoma Desktop Widgets

Widgets are not hidden anymore. You can put them on your desktop. To do this, right-click the desktop and click Edit Widgets. After adding the first widget, you can place it anywhere. But the next ones need to be in a certain area.

macOS Sonoma Desktop Widgets

Let’s add the World Time Clock. It snaps into place to keep your desktop neat. Widgets are also interactive. For example, you can add the Reminders app and check off tasks right from the desktop.

09. Presenter Overlay & Effects

The new presenter overlay and video effects are great for video calls like Zoom or FaceTime. Click the green button to try them out. There are many options, like a blurry background, studio lighting, and reactions.

Presenter Overlay & Effects

Turn on the effects and see how they look. For example, the balloon effect has a cool 3D look. But, it only works on M2 Macs because it needs a lot of power. It’s fun to use if your computer can handle it.

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