Apple Watch Ultra vs Samsung Watch : Which is Better in 2024

I will compare the Apple Watch Ultra and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. I want to see if the Galaxy Watch 6 is the best Android smartwatch. Both watches have a screen with 2000 nits brightness. They both go over 2000 nits. On the Galaxy Watch, you need auto brightness to reach this level.

Apple Watch Ultra vs Samsung Watch Display Comparison

Apple Watch Ultra vs Samsung Watch

The Galaxy Watch can show over 2000 nits of brightness with a white watch face, but the Apple Watch Ultra only reaches 1500 nits. Both watches have strong sapphire glass to prevent scratches.

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The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic has a rotating bezel made of stainless steel for extra protection, while the Apple Watch Ultra has a harder titanium one.

The rotating bezel works like Apple’s digital crown to scroll up and down. Both watches have a 60-hertz screen. However, the Apple Watch Ultra can lower its screen to 1 hertz for better battery life.

The Watch 6 Classic is water-resistant up to IP68, and the Apple Watch Ultra can go up to 100 meters deep but should not go past 40 meters.

Both watches are great choices for casual users because they have strong screens and good build quality. Each watch has its own strengths.

Battery Comparison

Apple Watch Ultra vs Samsung Watch

People care a lot about battery life. Nobody wants to charge their watch every day. The Apple Watch Ultra has a bigger battery than the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. The Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic can last about 36 hours on one charge.

The Apple Watch Ultra can last two or three days. I tested the watches to see how long the batteries last. I did not test them when they were fully charged.

I did a 30-minute workout with both watches. The Galaxy Watch 6 used up 6% of its battery, while the Apple Watch Ultra used only 3%. If you leave your phone at home and use your watch for calls and texts, the battery drains faster.

I used my watch with cellular and found it died by lunchtime. I tested the Galaxy Watch 6 at 64% and the Apple Watch Ultra at 85%. After one hour of standby and a few test calls, the Galaxy Watch lost 9% battery and the Apple Watch lost 6%.

This means the Galaxy Watch can last about 11 hours on cellular while the Apple Watch can last 16 hours. But using the watch more will drain the battery faster.

When not using the watch for six hours, the Apple Watch’s battery went down by 9% while the Galaxy Watch’s battery dropped by 18%. For sleep tracking, the Apple Watch lost 9% battery and the Galaxy Watch lost 14%.

The Apple Watch Ultra has a bigger battery than the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. It is also more efficient in using power. The Apple Watch Ultra is better at saving battery depending on how you use it.

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Fitness Tracking Comparison

Apple Watch Ultra vs Samsung Watch

Which watch is better for fitness, the Apple Watch Ultra or the Watch 6? Both watches have many of the same features, like temperature, ECG, and blood pressure. They also have lots of workout types and give you helpful information like heart rate and workout zones.

The Apple Watch Ultra has some advantages over the Watch 6. It has 32 gigabytes of storage instead of 16, so you can download and listen to more songs. It also has dual band GPS, which is better for running in busy places like cities. If you run on a track, the Apple Watch Ultra can even ask which lane you’re in to track you more accurately.

Sleep Tracking Comparison

Apple Watch Ultra vs Samsung Watch

I wonder how accurate these devices are for sleep tracking and fitness. The older Galaxy Watch wasn’t always right in my tests. Both watches can track sleep, and I’ve been trying to improve my sleep for a while now.

I use an Aura Ring and a Weeper Strap every night. But all the devices give different data and sometimes make mistakes about when I fall asleep.

The best thing to do with sleep tracking and fitness trackers is to use the data as a starting point for improvement. Don’t forget how you feel each day, and don’t take the readings too seriously. The Apple Watch Ultra also has an altimeter and shows depth when diving.

For people who want a smartwatch with fitness features for running, going to the gym, or playing sports, both watches are good choices.


Apple Watch Ultra vs Samsung Watch

If you want a watch for special features like dual band GPS, think about a fitness watch instead of a smart watch. The Garmin Fenix is a good choice. The Galaxy Watch has a better display and more choices for watch faces.

But the Apple Watch has more accessories like screen protectors, cases, and many watch straps. You can change your Apple Watch look anytime. When you use a Galaxy Watch with a Galaxy phone, you get routines.

They make things happen when you do certain actions. For example, when I start a weightlifting workout on my watch, it connects my headphones and plays music.

When I stop the workout, it stops the music and lets me hear people around me. Routines are very helpful when switching from Apple to Android. So, the Galaxy Watch 6 wins for customization this time.

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Voice Assistant

Apple Watch Ultra vs Samsung Watch

Siri is better than Bixby in voice assistants. But you can use Google Assistant instead of Bixby. I have trouble using Google Assistant on my Galaxy Watch 6s, maybe because of my personal and Google Workspace accounts on my phone.

I like talking to my Apple Watch for simple tasks, like controlling lights or opening doors. Google Assistant works well on other devices, but not on my watch. So there’s no clear winner.

Apple Pay and Samsung Pay both work well for me now. The Watch 6 also lets you use a default card for transit and has loyalty cards. Both wallets are good. Voice calls are good on both watches.


Apple Watch Ultra vs Samsung Watch

The watch 6 doesn’t work as well as I hoped. It has a new Exynos 930 chip, but it’s sometimes slow. The Apple Watch Ultra has an S8 chip and is always fast.

When you first touch the watch 6 after not using it, it can be slow. After a while, it gets faster. But the Apple Watch Ultra is always fast. This is important because people only use their watches for short times during the day.

The Galaxy Watch 6 can be frustrating. I think it’s because of the Exynos chip. Last year’s S22 Ultra was slow too. But this year’s S23 Ultra with a Snapdragon chip is much better. I hoped the Galaxy Watch 6 would be better too, but maybe next year.

Apple Watches are known for being fast and smooth, no matter which one you buy. So the Apple Watch Ultra wins this point. But we should also think about price. The Apple Watch Ultra costs almost twice as much as the Galaxy Watch 6.

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is cheaper, so if price matters to you, it’s the winner. Both watches are great, but I think the Watch 6 is best for Android. It has cool features like routines that I like.

But the performance isn’t good for a sixth generation watch. So for now, I’ll wear my Apple Watch and carry two phones – one I want to use and one I have to use.

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