11 Best iPhone Productivity Apps on Apple Store in 2024

As an iPhone user for over a decade, I am constantly seeking applications that enable efficient mobile productivity. With the large selection available via the App Store, I can discerningly evaluate options. After downloading and assessing hundreds of iPhone productivity applications over the years, coupled with rigorous testing conducted by my team, I have compiled the most effective solutions based on my experience. Listed below are our recommendations for the top iPhone productivity applications.

01. Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI

Generative AI helps us ask hard questions and get easy answers. Perplexity is a great AI tool for this. It competes with Google and has support from people like Jeff Bezos. The app has features at the bottom of the screen and a carousel of questions in the middle. You can tap on a question to get an answer. To ask your own question, type it or use the microphone icon.

The app is good at understanding voice input. Perplexity gives answers with sources, which makes me trust it more. The answer has pictures or videos too. If you want, you can rerun the search. Pro users can try other AI tools like Claude, ChatGPT4, or Copilot. Copilot asks more questions to give better results. Free accounts have limited Copilot runs, but pro accounts have more access.

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02. Dropbox Essentials

Dropbox Essentials

I run a YouTube business by myself. I do many jobs like making videos, designing graphics, and selling. It was hard to do everything until Dropbox made a new plan called Essentials. If you work alone, this will help you a lot.

Dropbox Essentials gives you 3 terabytes of storage and more for $18 a month. You can send big files, edit PDFs, and get unlimited e-signatures. My favorite part is Replay. Before, I sent videos to clients and got confusing emails back. Now, clients can leave comments on the video with times and drawings. It’s like they’re with me and it makes my job easier.

Another good part is e-signatures. I used to pay extra for this and it was hard to do. Now, I can send documents with legal signatures easily. I can also make five templates to use again and again. Dropbox Essentials puts everything you need for your business in one place. If you think this will help your business as it helped mine, click the link in the video description. Try it today!

03. Structured


I like using to-do lists because they help me remember important tasks. But, traditional to-do lists don’t help me plan my day well. Also, planning my whole day on a calendar is too much work.

I found an app called Structured that helps me. It lets me plan my day with small tasks and shows what I have to do next. I can mark tasks as done when I finish them. I can also tell the app my plans, and it makes my schedule for me.

There is a free version and a paid version of the app. The paid version has extra features like more alerts and syncing with other apps. You can choose which one you want to use.

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04. Reminders (stock iPhone app)


I like using the Reminders app on the iPhone. It is very helpful for most people. I use it with Siri, and it works great. I have different lists for my ideas, like video ideas and newsletter topics. When I get a new idea, I ask Siri to add it to the right list.

For example, if I think of a video about fixing Siri in 2024, I say to Siri, “Add 10 ways that Apple needs to fix Siri in 2024 to my video ideas list.” Then, it is saved and I can look at it later. The Reminders app works well with all Apple devices, which is why I like it.

05. Snipd


I like podcasts, but it’s hard to find time to listen to them all. Snipd helps with that. It’s an app where you can listen to podcasts and mark the parts you like. The app makes a transcript while you listen. You can save the parts you like and look at them later.

Snipd also has a community part. If many people like a part of a podcast, the app makes highlights and summaries of episodes. For example, I like the Diary of a CEO podcast. I can see which episodes have lots of Snipd. I can listen to the whole episode or just the popular Snipd. I can also read summaries made by the app.

The summaries are short and easy to read during a break. If you like podcasts for fun, Snipd might not be for you. But if you want to learn a lot from podcasts in less time, this app is helpful. There is a free plan with some features, but the Pro version has more and no limits.

06. Otter AI

Otter AI

When I walk my dog or shower, I get great ideas. But they might disappear before I can write them down. I use an app called Otter AI to save my ideas when walking. It records my voice and turns it into text. It even makes a short summary of what I said.

I can use my iPhone’s Voice Memos too, but it only saves audio. With Otter AI, I can read and search for my ideas in text form. It works fast and can tell who’s talking if many people speak. This app helps me save important ideas. The free version is good for personal use. If you need it for a team or long recordings, you might need the paid version.

07. Annotable


I made a video about great apps and included Artifact. It summarized news articles in two points, but it closed down. So, I picked Annotable instead. Annotable helps you share pictures without showing private information. Open the app, choose a picture, and tap the A button.

You can crop, zoom, and change colors. You can also blur parts of the image to hide things like bank statements or faces. It’s easy to use and has many options for marking up images. This app is what the iPhone markup tool should have been. It works on iPhones and iPads. It’s free to download, but for all features, it costs $10.

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08. Notion


Notion is a popular app, and it’s easy to see why. It’s great for taking notes and much more. I use it for making videos, writing newsletters, and organizing my personal life. The best part is the AI feature called ChatGPT 3.5, which costs $10 a month.

You can use this AI to help write new content or fix mistakes in your writing. I like to talk to my Mac instead of typing because it’s faster. But sometimes there are mistakes. That’s when I use Notion’s AI to fix them quickly.

The AI doesn’t just fix errors; it makes your writing better by understanding what you’re trying to say. Sometimes, I use it to make my writing shorter and easier to read. To use Notion, you need an account. A free one works fine, but you need to pay $10 a month for the AI feature.

09. Dark Noise

Dark Noise

This app, called Dark Noise, is not like other productivity apps. It doesn’t help you do things, but it helps you focus better. Some people don’t like silence when they work, but music can be too much. This app has many sounds, like a coffee shop or a busy street.

You can use Dark Noise on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. If you pay for the premium version, which costs £20 a year in the UK, you can use all the sounds and mix them. So if you want to hear a coffee shop with thunderstorms, you can do that. The free version of this app has some sounds and is good for most people.

10. Spark Email

Spark Email

Email apps can help clean up your inbox. One good app is Spark Email. It organizes your emails and shows important ones first. What makes Spark special is its AI feature. Do you get long emails and just want the main points? Spark’s AI can make a summary for you with one tap. You can set it to do this for certain people too.

Responding to emails is faster with AI. You can pick a ready-made reply or ask the AI to write one. Or, you can write your own and use AI to check and shorten it. Spark costs $5 per month if you pay for a year, or $8 per month if you pay monthly. There is a free version, but it doesn’t have the AI tools or email sorting.

11. Forest App

Forest App

Having many tools on your iPhone is great, but it can be hard to stay away from apps that distract you. Our phones get notifications all the time, and even with features like focus mode, it’s tough to stay focused. The Pomodoro technique helps with this problem. You work for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break. You must focus during the 25 minutes.

If you stop, you start over. Forest is an app that uses the Pomodoro technique in a fun way. When you start working, a small tree appears on the screen. If you finish your work, the tree grows in your virtual forest. But if you leave the app to check something like Instagram, your tree dies.

You also earn coins for focused work. The app works with an organization called Trees for the Future which plants real trees. So, you get your work done and help the real world too. This app is more fun than others but helps me stay focused and get things done. It deserves to be in a productivity blog article.

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