Top 5 Cool Gadgets Under $100 With Amazon Coupon Code

Hi everyone, I’m Prince Likhon. I have cool tech under $100. You’re always looking for the latest gadgets to make your life more convenient, but you don’t want to spend a fortune. That’s why this list of the top 5 cool gadgets under $100 is perfect for you. With these affordable picks, you can upgrade your tech without breaking the bank.

We’ve found futuristic devices like NZXT SwitchMix, Philips SHP9500 Headphones, and clever organizers to cut down on clutter. Thanks to exclusive coupon codes we provide, you can snag these clever gadgets at discounted prices. Keep reading for reviews of each item highlighting the key features and our expert buying tips.

With this guide, you’ll discover ingenious innovations to enhance your home, streamline your routine, and make everyday tasks easier – all for under $100. These affordable gadgets prove you don’t have to spend a lot to live smart.

 Gadgets 01 : NZXT SwitchMix

NZXT SwitchMix

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Today, we have a cool desk gadget called the NZXT SwitchMix. It is a headphone stand, DAC, source switcher, and audio mixer all in one. It has a simple design does not take up much space on your desk. The SwitchMix has two 3.5mm jacks.

One is in the front for your headphones or headset, and the other is in the back for speakers. It connects to your PC with a USB-C cable. When you take your headset off the stand, it plays audio through the headphones. When you put it back, it switches to your speakers.

This is done by a pressure-sensitive trigger on top of the stand. There are separate volume levels for each source so that you won’t hurt your ears. The volume ring can also mute everything quickly. On the side is a slider to adjust game and voice levels if you use a headset with a microphone.

The NZXT SwitchMix was $99 last month but now costs $120. Keep an eye on prices to get it under $100. To check Amazon price history charts, use Vetted.

Gadgets 02 : Philips SHP9500 Headphones

Philips SHP9500 Headphones

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I used the Philips SHP9500s headphones with the Switch Mix. They are the best headphones for under $100. They came out about 10 years ago, but they are still my favorite pair for around $70. These headphones have an open-back design with 50mm drivers inside. I made a small change by coloring the white L and R letters on the side with a black Sharpie. They look better now.

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The headphones are very light and adjustable, which is great. They can fit any head size because of the swivel ear cups. There is also a padded band on top for extra comfort. For people who wear glasses, these headphones are good too. The ear cups go over your ears and don’t press hard on your glasses.

The sound quality is amazing for $75. Open-back headphones are better for gaming because they make you feel like you’re in the action. These headphones have accurate sound so you can hear where enemies are in games. For open-world games, you can hear all the sounds around you, making everything more fun. I love these headphones!

The best headphones under $100 are amazing. They sound great for the price. The bass is not as strong because they are open back. But, I still love them. When friends or family ask for a cool gadget, I always recommend the Phillips SHB 9,500. It’s the best value for your money.

Gadgets 03 : Soomfon Stream Dock

Soomfon Stream Dock

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The Samfoon Stream Controller is like an Elgato Stream Deck copy. It has 15 LCD keys that you can customize for many things, like opening apps, shortcuts, and controlling games or music. It looks and feels the same as the Stream Deck.

In the box, you get an adjustable stand and a USB-C cable. Once you set it up, you have many commands at your fingertips. The software is very similar too. You can download free icon packs and profiles from the Elgato store.

You can also connect plugins to control other programs or products. For example, you can check your computer’s usage stats or see how much battery your mouse has left. You can even control music apps like Spotify or chat apps like Discord.

Some people might not like that it’s a knockoff, but it’s great for those who want a Stream Deck without spending $150. This one costs $120 on Amazon, but with a $30 coupon, it’s only $90! So if you’ve always wanted a Stream Deck but couldn’t afford it, this is a cool and cheaper option.

Gadgets 04 : 12″ Touchscreen Display

12 Touchscreen Display

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This is a 12-inch touchscreen display with speakers. It’s a cool choice for a portable screen for your gaming consoles or as an extra screen in your setup. It has mini HDMI, two USB-Cs, and two USB-A ports, so you can connect it to many devices like laptops, phones, and consoles.

This screen is perfect for watching videos while gaming or listening to music. The side speakers let you control the sound easily. The screen has a 1920×860 resolution and works in landscape and portrait mode. You can change settings on the monitor if needed.

It can be mounted, but the four-way stand lets you set it up any way you want. This display is useful for video editing, chatting on Discord, watching YouTube, or checking social media while working. Some games let you move HUD elements, so you can use this screen for things like game maps.

This display is better than smaller screens because of its touchscreen, speakers, and stand. It’s a great second option under your main monitor, making it easy to check quickly. Now it costs $100 on Amazon with a $40 coupon code, instead of the usual $130 or $140 price.

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Gadgets 05 : CRKD Nitro Deck

CRKD Nitro Deck

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When I first saw the Nitro Deck on my timeline, it quickly became popular. This switch controller is the best one you can find at a great price. It has special buttons, joysticks that never drift, and cool colors. It also connects fast with a USB-C cable.

When you start using it, it connects right away. You don’t need batteries or charging because it uses your switch’s power. It feels good to use and looks great too. There are many color choices, and the prices are good for what you get.

Changing the back buttons is easy with a program button. You can make them do more than one thing, like a string of commands. This is helpful for games with repetitive tasks. On the back, there are two more ports for charging and connecting. You can charge while playing or connect to your Switch dock or PC. This way, you can use the Nitro Deck as a PC controller too.

The best part is that the thumbsticks never drift, so you won’t have any problems while playing. Switch controllers and Joy-Cons have changed. This stops that, and the thumbsticks can swap tops for a different feel. This has many cool features. I’m happy to see a company do well. At $60, it’s the best Switch accessory. So, alright, guys.


In closing, there are plenty of cool gadgets available for under $100 if you know where to look and take advantage of coupon codes. The five covered here are just a sampling of the innovative, useful products in this price range. With the holiday season coming up, any of these gadgets would make a great gift for the tech lover in your life.

Or you may decide to treat yourself to one or more to make your life a little easier or more enjoyable. Just be sure to take the time to search for available coupons online first. You can often save 10-20% or more. Happy shopping and enjoy your new gadgets!

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