Top 7 Easy Science Experiments to Do at Home in 2024

Science is something that makes our life easy and smooth, we live in a science-based world, where science is in every work from dawn to dusk. Science is like Aladdins Jennie it can solve every problem you just need to know the hacks that work best for it. Hacks are unique techniques that understand the problem and give or apply a simple skill to improve the situation. We make a list of science hacks that can save your time and energy every day. so let’s dive into this 

1. To prevent over-boiling put a wooden  spoon across your pan or pot

 You are not a pro chef if you don’t overboil your dish once in a lifetime, it’s a common mistake that happens in a kitchen. By putting a wooden spoon across the pot it will prevent or delay the over-boiling and give you enough time to turn off the stove and save it.

How it works 

There are 2 mechanisms behind this, we all know that wood is an insulator so it takes more time to heat up than a metal spoon and prevent burning or boiling. Secondly by putting a wooden spoon across the pot the bubble produced by the cook breaks down easily. So it doesn’t overboil easily. It is a great science hack for beginner cooks to prepare meals without hassles.

2. Apple can reduce garlic breath 

Garlic is an ingredient found in many dishes and elevates the taste. But when we eat it leaves a bad odor and that remains for some time. Because of the chemical compound AMS that doesn’t metabolize by the gut and produces a gas it can’t break down easily so it stays for a couple of days to hours. Brushing teeth can reduce some but not fully, that is why one should be eating juicy fruit like apples, pears, Avocados, etc 

How it works 

It can easily break the AMS and help to reduce the gas and odor. Because the juicy fruit has the ingredient PO if it is exposed to oxygen it reduces the odor produced by AMS greatly. the next time someone has something garlicky remind them to have this juicy fruit for feeling odorless.

3. Sweat stains  can be removed by meat tenderizer powder 

If you are a sweaty person you often face the yellowish stain that pops up from clothes and it’s embarrassing !! and sometimes it can’t be removed by laundry washing. The stain is a mixture of your sweat and deodorant that why it’s shaped in a yellowish or faded color. But it can easily removed by meat tenderizer powder.

How it works 

The mechanism behind it is that the meat tenderizer powder can create a paste with water and then it is applied to the stained cloth, for ingredients like papain, and bromelain it removes the stain in no time.

4. Maintain the pizza crust in the microwave without getting chewy 

In the restaurant, you always end up ordering pizza !!! the leftover pizza is more tasty like a treat sometimes. But the biggest problem is when we re-heat it becomes chewy and rubbery, like everyone I personally also hate that so the solution is the simplest hack anyone can think put a small cup of glass beside the pizza dish.

How it works 

The water beside the pizza dish works like a savior. It absorbs the microwave radiance to prevent from overcooking. Also, releases steam and keeps the pizza and crust moist. so it’s a must-science hack for all the pizza lovers out there.

5. Turn the shoe into waterproof material 

In the rainy season, the place is sloppy and we want our shoes to be safe from getting wet and messy. But if you have science you need not worry at all because it has its sweet hack to save from any mess. So Grab a candle and rub it on shoes and see the differences.

How it works 

Shoes that are made of clothes have thousands of pores that can easily missed by your eyes but can’t escape from the eyes of the sciences. By rubbing the candle on it you can easily close off the pores and prevent it from getting wet. Also, it will just flow by the outer layer. If you are a schoolgoer in rainy this hack can easily save you.

6. Battery replacement by a hair clip

Your favorite show is being played on TV, or your favorite music is rocking, or the high voltage match is just getting on the nerve but at that moment your batteries die out !!! But science has the solution for every unwanted and unknown problem like this. If you have a tiny hair clip or paper clip 

  1. Firstly bend the clip 
  2. Make them size alike the battery 
  3. Place them in the battery slot 
  4. Connect with plus minus terminal

How it works 

The magic in it is that the clip, clip works as an electric circuit and helps to transmit the power. It’s a helpful hack for everyone out there.

7. Unlock the kitchen sink with a magic formula

Does your mom often get worked out by the blockage of the kitchen sink? Do you get tired of paying the plumber too much!! Don’t worry life-saving science hacks are here to save you. By using an easy formula of baking soda, vinegar you can easily unlock the blockage.

How it works

Firstly mix an equal quantity of baking soda, and vinegar and stir it, then put hot water and formula through the pipe slowly. Baking soda is a good disinfectant and deposits metal compounds easily also fights bacteria and fungi. Combining with the vinegar increases the activity. 

Science hacks have made our lives as smooth as butter, before applying any hacks we should be very careful to understand the process and should double-check all the details. If we can apply it beautifully and smartly it will lessen our problem and time.

I'm Prince Likhon, I'm a 20-year-old CSE Graduate whose life's passion is Technology, and I'm on a mission to make the most FUN and USEFUL Tech article on the Planet!

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