Fitbit Sense 2 Review After 10 Weeks: More Health Features

The Fitbit Sense 2 has become a highly anticipated release among fitness enthusiasts and tech specialists. Following its predecessor’s success, sense 2 has promised to deliver enhanced health features while maintaining a sleek design and user-friendly interface that is known for Fitbit 2.

After spending 10 weeks with the device, it’s time to delve into its strengths, weaknesses, and overall performance. Hybrid smartwatches have always lived in two worlds. as part of the Fitbit family, Fitbit leans toward smart fitness tracking, with a light smartwatch feature.

Fitbit Sense 2

You cannot put it on and on again except with the experience of an Apple watch. But even with the design intent, the Sense 2 misses that spark you would expect from a 300$ wearable. While the hardware shows a great comeback, the software shockingly goes backward. with the feature’s original sense nowhere to be found. The Fitbit Sense 2 is unique with many features with drawbacks lets dig into it 

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Fitbit Sense 2: The specs

PriceUSD 299.95
Dimensions1.5 x 1.5 x 0.45 inches
Screen size1.58 inches
Water-resistantYes (up to 50 meters)
SensorsAccelerometer, Altimeter, Ambient light, ECG, Heart rate, Skin conductance (cEDA), SpO2, Skin temperature
ConnectivityWi-Fi 4 (802.11n), Bluetooth 5.0
Battery Lifefive plus days
Charge TimeTwo hours
Fast Charge12 minutes for one-day battery life
Data RetentionSeven days of detailed motion data (saved per minute), Last 30 days of daily totals

Included with the Sense 2 itself, small and large silicon bands and a charging cable. You can choose between varieties of colors like black, silver, and gold. There has been a good upgrade in that it is compatible with a charger and wristband for the original Sensa and Versa 3. The Sense 2 comes with a physical button, but the button has a mushy feel and doesn’t click out cleanly.

Enticing Hardware

Fitbit Sense 2

Fitbits sequel has been a recommendation for all. it captures a ton of data automatically, you get stats on steps, heart rate, sleep, calories burned, swimming, etc plus info that clues you any health-related issues like skin temperature trends, and blood-oxygen saturation: possible heart-related issues, and rising stress levels. And the accuracy is pretty decent enough to make the consumers happy.

Several basic exercises including running, biking recorded automatically additionally, sense 2 can manually track more than 20 other activities like CrossFit, kickboxing, dancing, etc. The broader array of options is a huge improvement auto tracking limited to only six categories like 

  • Walking 
  • Running 
  • Swimming 
  • Biking 
  • Aerobic workouts,
  • Sports 

You can also input other health details like menstruation cycle, and blood sugar level readings in Fitbit apps, which are accessible through your mobile app or website interface. The Sense 2 makes it more comfortable to wear like it will fit your wrist, enough to be tangibly felt but not weight.

If you have a smaller build you no longer deal with slipping or sliding any more People sometimes forget that they have something on them until their notification buzzes. Speaking of buzzing its vibration is superb, it could feel in motion and driving.

Battery life remains the same as 6 days of the series. not an improvement, but it lasts plenty of times compared to other smartwatches. With the brightness set to normal, it lasts for 7 days with moderate exercise. You’ll burn through the battery health much faster if you use a GPS tracker on your watch.

Disappointing software

The Sense 2 is super smooth and has plenty of features but as there is a saying everything has 2 sides of a coin one good and one bad. Setup has become must faster with no touch of manual configuration can easily connected to wifi. It’s just happens seamlessly. the operating system has been revamped and streamlined too. it is so much easier to jump from the home bar to the setting bar and adjust it.

It always makes a good first impression if you are using this only for fitness and health purposes. the disappointment comes when you start looking for any other activities because there are barely any. Third-party apps are not supported at all. you are just limited to some apps like Fitbit watch, Google Maps, Google Calendar, Google Wallet, and another 2 apps that are yet to be launched.

Music storage has been the biggest downer, no storage of music, no Spotify, and no Pandora control. it’s a huge downgrade. Another bizarre application is to remove Google Assistant support. you could only use the Alexa, not the google assistant. The Google Assistant dismissal has been the worst scenario as consumers are too busy to instruct them manually. the partition of Fitbit and Google is still undercovered.

One of the most baffling functions is delayed notification it can messed up in important times. After using or navigating a couple of times it slowed down also a big concern for the users. The sport tracking also missing the big option are lape paces. sometimes it fails to lock the GPS is another malfunction.

Also in the sleep analysis section, it can miss the heart rate on sleeping if you don’t purchase the premium app features which annoys consumers a bit. The skin temperature sensor sometimes doesn’t give accurate results which is an integral part of the menstrual cycle. The silicon band doesn’t easily loosen or tighten up and increases the chance of falling out of hands.

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Why should people choose it? 

Fitbit Sense 2

Advanced Health Tracking

One of the most prominent features is well known and latest health analysis and tracking. These broad health tracking features attract consumers the most, like ECG, skin temperature sensing, SpO2 monitoring, heart rate tracking, and sleep analysis. This helps to track their well-being in an effective and timely manner.

Stylish Design

The stylish design awestruck mostly young consumers they often used that as a fashion accessory to level up their looks. The comfortable wearing makes them wear it every time without any interruptions 

Improved battery life 

In contrast to the previous version it has the most exciting and prolonged battery life helps consumers for a longer period. This mainly helps the consumers who are really into heavy working or heavy physical work throughout the day.

Built-in GPS

The built-in GPS is another feather added to the product. These features benefit a lot on many occasions mostly in tracking outdoor activities. This feature is especially convenient for runners, cyclists, and hikers who want to monitor their routes and performance metrics.

Stress Management Tools

Stress is the one thing that must be regulated daily thanks to Fitbit 2 it tracks down and manages stress with advanced stress management tools. Also, it has an electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor and guided breathing sessions. help to calm down and improve overall health.

Water Resistance

With unique water resistance up to 50 meters good companion for swimming also. This makes it an all-in-one fitness companion for users who enjoy aquatic exercises or water-based games or want to track their swim workouts.

Personalized Insights

The excellent features of the Fitbit 2 can give you an insight into every work and activity like sleeping and exercising and suggest to you for betterment also. This personalized feedback helps users make informed decisions about their health and fitness goals.

Community and Social Features

This smartwatch is decorated with a vibrant community one can easily join the community connect with people and share their minds and suggestions for betterment. This is not only the fun element it creates the motivation to do better and also helps others to be on the right health track.

Sleep Tracking Accuracy

Sleep tracking is one of the crucial health factors that decide how much you are healthy or prone to any diseases. Fitbit’s sleep-tracking technology is widely known for its accuracy and depth insight of the sleep analysis.

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Disadvantage Of Fitbit Sense 2 Smart Watch

Fitbit Sense 2

Price Point

The Fitbit 2 is higher than many other fitness trackers on the market and often meets the consumer’s expectations. Some users may hesitate to invest in a high-priced device that could quickly become outdated and often lag in important times.

Subscription Requirement for Premium Features

The most annoying feature for consumers is that they have to pay an additional hefty amount to access some of the premium and lucrative features. Consumers find it difficult to possess that after obtaining the smartwatch with a handsome amount of money the additional pay for the premium features.

Long lagging 

Sometimes lagging can be a dangerous misfunction that can instantly turn off the consumers. Also, delays in the notification system can annoy the consumers easily.

The Fitbit 2 is amazing in many disappointments in ruling the market unique way. Some amazing features knocked out the park and attracted to stick with this for customers, whether some cons backfire or the market value also. we hope that the Fitbit 2 will improve and make its way out to the next best-fit tracker in the market 

How to Restart Fitbit Sense 2

This is the Fitbit Sense 2. I will show you how to turn it off and restart it. First, go to your clock face. Slide down and tap the gear icon for settings. Scroll down to the bottom and tap “shut down.” If you want to turn it off, tap “Yes.”

To turn it back on, press and hold the side button until you feel a vibration. You can also plug in the charger to turn it on if it has enough battery.

Now, I’ll show you how to restart it. Press and hold the side button until the Fitbit logo appears. Then let go and wait for it to start again. And that’s it! Let me know if you have any questions.

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