Google Gemini on Android: Full Review & Features

Google’s new Gemini app is here. I’ve tried it instead of Google Assistant on many devices and found some problems. Now, I know the app well. In this video, we’ll talk about using Gemini on your phone and important things you should know. Thanks for reading my article.

Quick Update Your Phone Before You Start Using Gemini

Google Gemini on Android

Two important things to know about Gemini before we start. First, even though Gemini is not in beta anymore, many changes are still happening. So, check the Play Store every day for updates on both Gemini and Google Search apps. Some key features were missing when it started, but Google has fixed some of them already. For example, now voice commands are sent automatically instead of manually.

Second, many people asked about when Gemini will be available in other countries. Right now, it looks like it will come to Latin America, Africa, Asia Pacific, and Canada on Monday, February 12th. But we don’t know about Europe yet. Now let’s get started.

Gemini Feature Overview

Google Gemini on Android

Let’s talk about the Gemini mobile app. I was worried if it would be just a shortcut or a real mobile app. I’m happy to say it has special features for mobile users. You can open the Gemini app by holding the power button, swiping up from the corners, or saying a special word. It will replace Google Assistant for now. It has many features like making pictures, writing help, summarizing emails or Google Drive files, and travel plans with Google Maps.

Gemini can’t read PDFs directly, but you can upload them to Google Drive and ask Gemini to summarize them. I tried this with a 10-page PDF and it worked well. You can also ask questions about the PDF, translate it, or make creative text from it. But sometimes Gemini doesn’t work for no reason.

Some other helpful features are checking where information comes from and seeing a link to the article. If the info is right, it shows green; if not, yellow. You can also save your work to Google Docs and change how long or casual responses are.

My favorite is sharing a public link of your work with others. This is good for fixing problems together. If you have a problem with a prompt, other AI fans can help. They can see the exact prompt you used. This makes it easy to work together. WoW Gemini is very good for you.

Gemini vs. Google Assistant

Google Gemini on Android

Gemini is great for an in-depth AI experience. But it replaces Google Assistant on mobile phones. You can’t use both at the same time. Gemini can do many things like making calls, sending texts, and controlling smart devices. But it can’t do everything that Google Assistant can do yet.

Some things Gemini can’t do are making calendar appointments and controlling media like podcasts or YouTube music. If these are important to you, keep using Google Assistant.

If you switch to Gemini, Google Assistant will still work with voice typing and Android Auto. In the future, Google Assistant might be used more for special devices like smart displays, TVs, and cars. In short, Gemini is good but not ready to replace Google Assistant yet.

Gemini Issues & Feedback

Google Gemini on Android

In this video, we talked about some issues with the app. Google is always working to fix these things, but it’s good to mention them. One problem is that users often have to repeat their questions. Sometimes the app doesn’t understand and gives an error. To fix this, you might need to start a new chat or ask differently.

Compared to ChatGPT, some things could be better. ChatGPT is faster at giving answers and feels more fun to use because it vibrates. Gemini has a Google search, so it’s not all bad.

There are two big problems with using Gemini instead of Google Assistant. First, Gemini doesn’t work offline. You can’t use voice input or do anything without the internet. Google Assistant can do basic things offline, like setting alarms and opening apps.

Second, Gemini is slower than Google Assistant for everyday tasks like finding directions or checking the weather. This might get better over time, but it’s something to think about right now. Lastly, many people say that Gemini seems to have trouble understanding questions sometimes.

We have many filters to stop some prompts. It might be annoying, but please look at our AI ethics rules in the description. Google tells us the limits of certain prompts and why. So, check it out to know which prompts might cause problems.


Google Gemini on Android

I think Gemini has a bright future for Android. It still needs work, though. I will keep using it instead of Google Assistant. What do you think? Can Gemini replace it? What features do you want that it doesn’t have now? Please share your thoughts. Thanks for reading! This is Prince Likhon with Ensure Target, and I’ll see you next time.

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