Black Hornet Drone: How Much Does a Black Hornet Drone Cost

Black Hornet is an impactful highly known piece of technology that often offers unparalleled and unique features proportional to their size. It is a kind of modern-day impeccable drone that makes the military work easily. Also known as capable, workable costly recon tools.

It has many unknown and interesting facts makes it more fascinating to people of all walks. This black hornet drone is known to be a prestigious tool for fighting and other dangerous situations. so Leys attack on the article which is the total guide of the black hornet drone.

What can this Black Hornet Drone do?

Black Hornet Drone

If you are thinking this small silly device can’t do anything special you are so wrong this is one of the most powerful resonance tools for fighters, militaries, or any other collision. below are some known activities of black hornet drones.

Transmit of live video and thermal images 

This transmission of images and video help broadly and easily fight against any circumstances by getting notified beforehand by transmitting photos and videos. It helps to search the area from corner to corner and also provides low-light images, helping to aware of the situations. It helps to navigate situations in an emergency and effectively.

Operate noise-free

This drone can operate noise in a free technical way and its size makes it more convenient to spy on opponents. This operates in no sound way making it more impactful for any type of situation.

Fly in tight space  

The in-built technology of this drone makes it fly to tight and narrow spaces where often our eyes don’t go away. This makes the situation better handled and be ahead of the opponent.

Urban Warfare

In tight space, the black hornet drone navigates throughout, providing critical information about the enemy’s position and the equipment they have. Help to tackle the situations most fruitfully.


Cover potential threats, gather evidence, and guide the operation to minimize the risk. This impacts the situation and tries for better outcomes with minimal damage

Border Patrol

Cover vast areas for illegal activities, potential risk, catch on the spot, and control the situation. On the border, there are many illegal activities, black hornet drones try to control the situation by being present in the situation gathering pieces of evidence, and stopping the activities.

Disaster relief

Assessing real-time disaster management and creating awareness with the black hornet’s advanced technology. 

Search and rescue

Its unique thermal image is a great source of search and rescue in critical situations. This unique search capability makes great rescue in times of danger.

GPS and inertial navigation

The unique features of the black Hornet GPS give the exact location details and help to avoid blockage.

How far can a Black Hornet Drone fly?

Black Hornet Drone

Currently, black hornets are found in 3 models they are:

  • Black Hornet Nano : The original one weighed about 18 grams and had the basic video capability and sound control. it can fly more than  1.2 km.
  • Black Hornet 2 : This one has a better video, image better fight time decorated. this black hornet can fly up to 2 km.
  • Black hornet 3 : This is the best version of a black hornet on the level of facilities, with a thermal image extended range, and enhanced durability. This can fly up to 3km 
  • Black hornet 4 : Black Hornet 4 is now developing with AI-powered and incredible cope-up features.

Which country made the Black Hornet Drone?

The Black Hornet was originally developed by Prox Dynamics AS, a Norwegian company, acquired by FLIR Systems in 2016.FLIR currently manufactures and sells the drone. The birth country is Norway. But used by the armed forces of  America, France, Germany, Ireland, Poland, New Zealand, Turkey, South Africa, etc. It leads them to harsh operational situations.

How much does the Black Hornet Drone cost?

The cost can vary from one version to another version, The latest black Hornet drones cost US$195,000 per unit, this high price is the reflection of the amount of high technology in which the drones are used.

The black hornet drones are mainly purchased by militaries, government agencies, and policymakers with legal documents. The cost can surely tell the story of a tiny thing flooded with facilities like long-range live video transmission, thermal imaging, and covert operation capabilities.

Black Hornet Drone Pros And Cons


  • Highly portable 
  • Maneuverable
  • Durable 
  • Weather resistant 
  • Navigate in a narrow space 
  • Long-range live video 
  • Thermal image 
  • Reduced risk 
  • Discreetness
  • Real-time surveillance 
  • Create awareness 


  • High cost 
  • Limited payload capacity 
  • Some versions have short-range 
  • Vulnerable to some environmental factors 

Why are Hornet drones good?

For Military and law enforcement this is one of the unique applications that navigate many situations. It has the features like:

  • Wingspan of 16 centimeters helps to fly for longer times 
  • High-resolution electro-optical cameras produce thermal image 
  • A hand-held controller makes it more handy 
  • Resolution of 640 x 480 pixels makes the sharp image 
  • Laser point for target designation 
  • Flight time up to 30 min 
  • Maximum speed 18 kilometers per hour 
  • Good wind tolerance 
  • AES 256 encryption
  • GNSS free navigation 
  • Water-resistant 
  • Upto 80 c 
  • Raster maps 

How To Buy a Black Hornet Drone?

Due to their high cost and specialized application, it’s unavailable for normal civil purchases. 

Black Hornet Drone

They are primarily sold to militaries and gov agencies through legal documents. The reasons for limited availability are:

  • Cost 
  • Specialized technology 
  • Export Restrictions 
  • Need special training to operate it 

Also before purchasing any drone, check your local regulations and airspace restrictions to ensure safe and legal operation.


The tiny technology piece has eased the military and critical situation effectively way. It is the best example of technology that can mitigate many hindrances Black hornet drones are suitable for numerous purposes in battle ground also at protect your territory. So we think this article gives you a clear view of black hornet drones in many aspects.

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