How To Choose a Power Supply For a Gaming PC in 2024

The powerful power supply can easily fuel up your PC and activities in a boost. Maybe it’s a simple circuit of the system but it will suffer you in the long run if it goes wrong. Your PC’s power will have a significant effect on the system’s strength and workability.

There are plenty of reviews of the best processors, graphics cards, and power supplies but before jumping into anything you should be careful and check all the facts. In this article, we will discuss the things you must know before building a PC and power supply.

Quick Tips Choose For Power Supply

Quick Tips Choose For Power Supply

For buying a PSU you must look at the efficiency rating, and wattage don’t forget the connectors also. You must consider the power supply you are aiming for and all the other accessories to match that level.

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The most crucial and impactful consideration for the power supply unit determines the total power unit of your PC. Firstly calculate the power requirements of your gaming PC components, including CPU, GPU, RAM, storage drives, and other components. Consider future upgrades and also select the perfect wattage rate to ensure your pc stable run.

To get the best power supply aim for a slightly higher range than you calculated it will give extra room for peak loads and future upgrades. notably, the maximum efficiency rate is 60 to 70 percent of the wattage.

Efficiency Rating

Look for PCU supply with a higher efficiency rating like 80 Plus Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Titanium, it will give a better look at your process. A higher efficiency rating always indicates better energy utilization and less heat production that will automatically lower the electricity bill and better environmental impact.

All PSUs come with efficiency ratings; you must not go for less efficiency, which means more heat-producing creates a harmful impact. For a heavy workload, you must go for a golden, platinum PSU.

Quality and Reliability

Invest in reputable and quality brands rather than fake and discounted prices with low stability. In this matter, you must get feedback and reviews from  Corsair, EVGA, Seasonic, and Thermaltake. Check for certifications like UL and TUV for better services. Get the best compliance with safety and quality standards.

Modular vs. Non-Modular vs. Semi-Modular

When on the buying path of a new PC you must go for cable management references like Modular, Non-Modular, Semi-Modular.The modular PSU will connect the cable you need, reducing the clutter and airflow within the case. Non-modular. comes with fixed cables, generally more affordable. Semi-modular offers a more compromising and flexible cable for your needs. 

Connectors compatibility 

When building the PSU make sure that it has all the necessary connectors with all accessories. you must have PCIe connectors for your graphics card, CPU power connectors for PIN, and SATA connectors for storage drives. Consider the number and type of required connectors based on your configuration.

Overcurrent Protection and Safety Features

Try to build a PSU with equipped facilities of overcurrent protection (OCP), overvoltage protection (OVP), under-voltage protection (UVP), and short-circuit protection (SCP) These safety features safeguard your gaming PC from damage due to power fluctuations or electricity. Take good care of the factors that can be a risk of potential electric hazard 

Noise Levels and Cooling

Estimate the noise level produced by the CPU fan under idle and load conditions. Look for a PSU with a quiet and efficient cooling system. It will prolong the activity of your gaming PC. Pursue the PC with good thermal management, minimizing cooling effects and less noising effects.

Warranty and Support

Evaluate the warranty and support in every angle with all the terms and conditions. Try to  Choose a PSU with a longer warranty to ensure coverage for potential defects, damage, or failures over the lifespan of your gaming PC. Reach customer support for any kind of support for any kind of defect. Here are 5 best power supply for gaming PC in 2024.

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01 : HELA 1200R Platinum

HELA 1200R Platinum

The Silverstone Kila 1200R Platinum is a top ATX 3.0 power supply. It costs $289.99 and can be found on Amazon in the US, UK, Canada, and other countries. This power supply is a great value for the money. It comes in 850-watt, 1200-watt, and 1300-watt versions.

The Kila 1200R is fully modular with many connections, like motherboard connections, 5 PCIe connections, a 12-volt high power connection, and 3 SATA and Molex connections. It has a 135-millimeter fan that can be set to a low-speed mode with a switch.

The only sleeved cable is the 12-volt high power cable. Other cables include a 24-pin motherboard cable, two PCIe cables with extra connectors, three SATA cables with four connections each, one Molex cable with three connections, and a Molex to FDD adapter.

Inside the power supply are heat sinks and good airflow. It’s smaller than other power supplies but still has a high wattage and a 600-watt 12-volt high power connection. The warranty for this product is also good. It’s in the number 5 spot, but I still say try it. It has a five-year warranty. Most others have longer warranties.

02 : Titan Gold 1200W High-End ATX Gaming Power Supply

Titan Gold 1200W High-End ATX Gaming Power Supply

The Montech Titan Gold 1200W is number 2 on our list. It costs $219.99 and comes in 1000 or 1200W. It’s fully modular with connections for the motherboard, 4 PCIe, 4 SATA or Molex, and a 12V high power cable. It has a 135mm fan and a low fan speed mode with an on-off switch.

The motherboard and 12V high power cables are sleeved. The other cables are not. The cables you get are: one 24 pin motherboard cable, one 12V high power cable, two PCIe cables that can be split into 4 plus 4 layouts, one PCIe cable in a 6 plus 2 layout, two more PCIe cables in a 6 plus 2 by 6 plus 2 layout, three SATA cables with four connections each, and one Molex cable with four connections.

Montech might make this and the Silverstone power supply. They have the same case and design and similar parts inside. The airflow is good but not as good as some others on the list. You get a 10-year warranty with this power supply.

03 : MSI MPG-A1000G Power Supply

MSI MPG-A1000G Power Supply

The MSI MPG-A1000G is number 3 on our list and costs $199.99. It’s a great price for 1000 watts, but it also comes in 750 and 850 watts. This power supply is modular and has connections for the motherboard, 4 PCIe, 4 SATA or MOLEX, and a 12-volt high power connection.

The fan size is 135mm and has a low fan mode switch. This power supply is made by Montech, which does a great job. The MSI has a cool design on the fan mesh and side that looks artistic and clean. It comes with sleeved cables for the 12V high power and some PCIe cables.

The cables include one 24-pin motherboard cable, one 12V high power cable that is sleeved, two PCIe cables in a 6×2 format, two PCIe cables that can be split into a 4×4 layout, two more PCIe cables with a 6×2 plus 6×2 layout, three SATA cables with four connections each, one MOLEX cable with four connections, and an FTD connection on the same cable.

This power supply has plenty of connections for your needs but doesn’t go over 1000 watts. Sinks are more packed like the last three, and they have a 10-year warranty. If you want a nice 1000W power supply, this one is great.

04 : Dark Power 13 Power Supply

Dark Power 13 Power Supply

The be quiet dark power 13 takes the number 4 spot. It costs $249.90 for the 850 watt version. This is a lot of money, but it’s a high-quality power supply. There are other options like 750 watt or 800 watt, and maybe even 1000 watt, but I can’t find it for sale.

This power supply is fully modular. It has different connections like a 24-pin motherboard connection, a 12-volt high power connection, and four PCIe connections with different pins. It also has four SATA and molex connections. The fan size is 135 millimeters and it’s a silent wings cooling fan.

The design looks great with a beautiful mesh grill on the top or bottom depending on how you put it in your computer. It is almost 7 inches long, which means it might not fit in very small cases. But it should fit in most ATX cases.

All the cables are sleeved, including the SATA and molex connections. This adds to the premium feel of this power supply. You get a 24-pin motherboard cable, a 12-volt high power cable, one PCIe cable, an extra 4 plus 4 PCIe cable, and two dual PCIe connections with a special layout. There are six PCIe cables. If you use a different cable, you can have eight total connections. Next, you will find some other cables.

There are two SATA cables with three connections each and another SATA cable with four connections. This is great for organizing your cables, especially if you don’t need the extra length or connection. These cables are also sleeved. There is an additional cable with two SATA connections and two mullet connections.

An overclocking switch can be placed on the back I.O., where your GPU mounts. If you choose to use it, this switch turns your four 12V rails into one big 12V rail. That’s pretty cool! I couldn’t open the internals without scratching the outside, so there might be some pictures later. The warranty for this product is 10 years, as expected. Now let’s move on to the number 1 best value…

05. Corsair RM1000X Power Supply

Corsair RM1000X Power Supply

The best 12-volt power supply is the Corsair RM-1000X SHIFT, priced at $207.99. It comes in 850 watts, 1000 watts, or 1200 watts. I chose the 1000 watt version. This power supply is fully modular with type 5 connections. It includes 6 SATA and molex connections, 7 PCIe connections, and motherboard connections.

The connections are side-mounted instead of rear-mounted. This can be good or bad depending on your case. In some cases, it makes upgrading and adding power easier. This power supply has a 140mm fluid dynamic bearing fan and is just over 7 inches long.

It does not come with sleeved cables, but it has many connections. You get a 24-pin motherboard cable, a 12-volt high-power cable, four PCIe cables in a 6+2 layout, two more PCIe cables in a 4+4 layout, and another PCIe connection with a 6+2 by 6+2 layout for non-12V high-power GPUs.

You also get four SATA cables with four SATA connections each and two Molex cables with four Molex connections each. This power supply has the most connections on the list and can last for many years as you upgrade your computer.

Your computer rig has high wattage, maybe around 1,600 watts. Even in 20 years, it should still work for powerful computers. This is because your PC won’t need more power than one outlet can give. Companies like Nvidia and AMD won’t make parts that use too much power.

Now, let’s talk about the inside of your computer. But remember, don’t open it up! It will cancel your warranty. I’m only doing it to explain in this video. The first thing you notice is. This has great air flow, like most Corsair power supplies. There is lots of space for cooling and good heat sinks. It comes with a 10-year warranty.


In the modern gaming era gaming PC is a must for everyone so building for this you must consider some facts in the article we tried to give you a full outlook of it hopefully it helps. Choosing the best-suited power supply is crucial and greatly impacts the whole gaming experience.

In building a gaming PC you must take care of stability, high performance, hazard-free, cooling effect, aesthetic case, efficacy, abundant connectors, options for upgrade, and flexibility.

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