Microsoft Co-Pilot Vs ChatGPT : Which is Better for Programming?

Going in 2024 is known as the AI evaluation era, AI is buzzing in every feed and showing the most excellence in the programming and coding sector. Where ChatGPT is creating the storm Microsoft can’t be left behind it also levels up the game and creates an impact on desired outcomes.

Microsoft co-pilot can work on any application of Microsoft you name it changing the coding scenario. For that reason the battle is on for the best AI for programming in this article we will explore this and give an honest and critical review, so let’s start 



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ChatGPT is the most conversational and generative AI that mostly uses machine-learning language sources in response to human response input. First started the journey in 2022 november since that time it’s been the most successful AI tool that has inspired and helped billions of people.

Its decorated or trained by deep learning techniques makes it produce text and responses like humans alike. Most surprisingly it trained on multidimensions level from various journals, books, webpages, and databases making it know everything. ChatGPT talks like the standard chatbot and responds well in every situation.

Versions of ChatGPT

There are 3 versions of ChatGPT available they are 

1. Free ChatGPT

This is the first and free version mostly for test and research purposes, anyone can create an account and use this version. This is the most used version, but it has some limitations like false influence or partial information.

2. ChatGPT Plus

The premium version of the ChatGPT costs 20$ per month with exclusive and advanced level information data. It provides a faster response and a better search result. This version is riched with enhanced pieces of information. 

3. ChatGPT Enterprise

This version of ChatGPT enterprise combined all the features of ChatGPT and plus also added some extras. It has a newly launched administrative console that also helps in many aspects decorated with enterprise-graded policy.

4. Features of ChatGPT


The features of ChatGPT are broad and multidimensional levels that vary with the functions of the various versions. But it has some exceptional features that are found in every version.

Prompt examples guidance 

ChatGPT not only responds promptly but also shows an effective structure with the response. The guidance on response is a notable feature of it. This guidance can include tips on phrasing questions, providing context, and formatting prompts to the desired answers .like if you ask what is bird AI it will give a full description and also engage in communication for further information.

Suggested replies

ChatGPT often offers suggested replies based on the context it saves time effectively. These replies can be modified easily and customized according to the situation. For example, if someone asks for your opinion on a movie, ChatGPT can offer several potential responses like “I loved it!”, “It was okay, but not my favorite,” or “Not my type, etc.

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Code interpretation

The code interpretation power of ChatGPT is like Jenne’s blessing for the students and developers. In any scenario, whether you’re struggling with a specific line of code, debugging an error, or seeking clarification on a programming concept, any question or explanation of coding  ChatGPT can provide detailed explanations and examples to help you understand the code better.

Keyboard shortcuts

This keyboard shortcut helps users navigate more efficiently and quickly. These shortcuts can range from simple commands for submitting requests or navigating between messages to more advanced functionalities such as accessing specific features or data from the database.


  • Versatility 
  • Prompt 
  • Huge database 
  • Customizable 
  • Free tier 
  • Fast coding debugging 
  • Consistency
  • Anonymity
  • Learning tool 


  • Partial true information 
  • Lack of empathy 
  • Limited creativity
  • Misinterpretation
  • Security breach 
  • Looser integration

Microsoft Co-Pilot

Microsoft Co-Pilot

Simply it is a chatbot powered by AI by Microsoft with open AI, LLM, and other Microsoft resources. It alike like ChatGPT you can easily ask questions, help with problems, any text template, or suggestions. However, it has more accurate and effective information for collaboration with Microsoft 365 data and Microsoft graph. Also has features for choosing the text tone like More creative, more balanced, or more precise, which helps the user to navigate any situation better.

Types of copilot 

  • Copilot for Microsoft 365
  • Sales copilot 
  • Service copilot 
  • Github copilot 
  • Outlook co-pilot 
  • Powerpoint copilot 
  • Excel copilot 

Features of Microsoft copilot

Microsoft Co-Pilot

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Code suggestion and generation 

Microsoft Copilot often suggests code snippets and completions as you type, based on the context of your current codebase, or your asked code. The ability to code suggestions is top-notch. It can easily generate the functions, classes, or code blocks based on the provided context and requirements.

These features automatically fasten the coding process effectively. The copilot can easily understand the context and depth of the code and promptly show the desired answers accordingly.

Language Support

Copilot is broadly known for accurate various language supports. Copilot supports multiple programming languages, including popular and known ones like Python, JavaScript, Java, C++, and more. the versatility of the language and depth is acknowledged by the copilot efficiently. this huge language support automatically makes it favorable for all the programmers and developers.

Learning from opensource code 

Copilot trains from vast open-source code available on GitHub, and other sources. for that continuously improving its suggestions and understanding of coding also helps accurately. This helps to provide high-quality recommendations based on real-world examples.

Code Reviews and Collaboration

This is the ideal tool for code debugging and error correction. Copilot can assist in code reviews by providing suggestions for improvements, identifying potential bugs, and offering alternative coding suggestions. Often critically reviewed code helps programmers to evaluate it better with the help of copilot.


Developers can easily customize the copilot’s behavior and preferences according to their coding style, preference, and tone. The customization can be anything from verbosity, coding standards, any fine-tuning, language-specific settings, code completion triggers, etc Copilot offers integration with external tools and services as a result it improves the coding environment also.


  • Deep integration
  • Focus tools 
  • Language and framework expertise
  • Quality suggestion 
  • Coding bible 
  • Productive boost 
  • Learning code 
  • Collaborative Coding
  • Support in complex code 
  • Efficient Code Exploration
  • Enhanced code review process 
  • Increase rapid prototyping 
  • Integration with Version Control Systems


  • Overreliance
  • Error 
  • Security 
  • Learning curve 

Who wins for programmers and developers?

The answer is clear like crystal it is the Microsoft copilot because of 

Data source 

Where the ChatGPT free version is up to 2022 and not up to date the copilot is upgrading every day with new data new trends also new modes. Also using data locally can customize the information insights.


Where ChatGPT premium costs a hefty amount, the copilot is less pricey for the vast service and ensures the best quality of work no matter the version. The price point also attracts the coder and developers to choose copilot 

Coding genius 

Where ChatGPT often lacks a coding generation copilot it is the best for coding. It reduces time by debugging errors and advancing collaborations. and understanding the context. Copilot generates high-quality code snippets in no time also suggests the best way. Microsoft Copilot prioritizes code safety effectively.

Microsoft Copilot is a blessing for coders and programmers, its versatility and improvement with time are the notable functions of all. If you are really looking to debug code and fix errors in no time Microsoft Copilot is the best answer. Happy programming !!!

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