Tesla Model 3 Honest Review : New Upgraded in 2024

Hi friends! I have the 2023 Tesla Model 3 Long Range. I’ve used it for 9 months. I feel good and bad about buying it because a new Model 3 is coming soon. The new one might have different looks, better-driving parts, and new hardware. But it may also lose some parts like driver’s sticks, special seats, and sensors. Here’s my honest review of the Tesla Model 3 for new owners. Now let’s start.

Model 3 Buyer’s Experience and Delivery Issues

Tesla Model 3

I didn’t like some things about the Model 3. When I ordered it, I had to find out a lot of information myself. Things like car registration numbers, insurance, and what to do after paying the deposit were not easy to find. You need to buy a charging adapter because it’s not included anymore.

Tesla sometimes has quality issues like gaps between panels, paint problems, and broken trim pieces. The best quality Teslas come from their factory in Shanghai. Before I got my car, I checked it carefully and found no issues. If you plan to get a Tesla, I’ll share a checklist and referral link for a discount and free charging miles.

One thing that surprised me was the loud noise in cold and hot weather. I learned it was the battery expanding and preheating. This is normal for electric cars but not many people talk about it. Now you know, so you won’t be surprised.

Tesla Model 3 Ride Comfort and Seats

I have driven this car for a month and it is very comfortable. The seats feel like soft clouds. But, they might change soon because Tesla wants to save money. The ride is smooth on short and long trips.

The car’s suspension is stiff and sporty. It feels different than my old Mercedes A-Class which was smoother. I can feel bumps and holes in the road that I didn’t feel before. If you like fast cars, you might not mind this.

The great seats make up for the stiff ride, and the car handles well. It turns easily, stays steady, and goes fast with confidence. But, there is one more thing to think about: the F-150 truck.

Tesla Model 3 Full Self-Driving ( FSD )

Tesla Model 3 Full Self-Driving

FSD, or full self-driving, is something Tesla called a failure. They promised that every Tesla sold since 2016 could drive by itself, like level 5 full car freedom. But no Tesla can do what they said yet.

They even took out some sensors and now use Tesla Vision, which mostly uses cameras. I didn’t get FSD, and I think you should wait until it’s safe before buying it. You can add it later as a software update.

All Model 3’s have basic autopilot, which helps a lot on long drives. Just press down twice on the drive stick, and the car controls speed, braking, staying in its lane, and watching for things in the way.

Tesla Model 3 Car Charging Experiences

Charging a car can be easy or hard based on where you live and your setup. I don’t have a charger at home, so I go to a nearby supercharger or car park. It takes me one minute to drive there. The best part is that the car park chargers are free in my area. This helps me save money on gas. In one month, I saved about $200-$300.

But sometimes, all the charging spots are full because many people have Teslas now. So sometimes, I spend more time looking for chargers. I want to get a home charger soon. If you don’t have a charger close to you or live in an apartment, charging a Tesla might be hard.

Tesla Design And Customizing

Tesla Design And Customizing

I like the Tesla Model 3 because it looks awesome. Some people say it looks like a frog or a Porsche, but I think it’s a cool design. I made some changes to make it look even better. First, I put on new wheel covers called Uber Turbine covers. They give the car a strong, bold look. They were easy to put on and didn’t hurt how far the car could go on one charge.

Next, I got a special coat called a graphene coat from Schmicco. It helps protect the car from scratches and dirt. They put it on by hand and it makes the car shine like it’s brand new. Lastly, I changed the wood inside the car to carbon fiber to match the black color. I got this kit from Hillsmade, and you can find more info in the comment box.

Tesla Model 3 Interior

The inside of the 2023 Tesla Model 3 is something you might love or hate. Some people think it’s too simple, but I like it. The car is very quiet, with less noise and shaking. This shows how well it’s made at the factories.

But there are a few things I miss. I wish there were buttons for things like air conditioning and a display to show the speed. It can be hard to look at the screen while driving. But after some time, you get used to it.

Tesla’s Tech Features

Tesla's Tech Features

I was worried about not having Apple CarPlay, but the car’s software is great. Tesla’s map system is one of the best, and the 15-inch touchscreen is fast. It might even get Steam Gaming like the Tesla X and S. The infotainment and display are still some of the best.

It takes time to get used to, but it works well. The tech has many benefits, like warming or cooling the car before driving. There have also been upgrades for more range and faster speeds. I like good tech, so this is a big plus for me.

Speed and Handling

Acceleration is amazing. The long-range car goes from 0 to 60 in just 4.2 seconds. It feels like a roller coaster and makes driving easy. You can pay $2,000 for a faster car that goes 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds. I was worried about how far an electric car could go. The long-range model has a good distance it can travel before needing more power.

Tesla Model 3 Range Experience

Tesla Model 3 Range Experience

I was worried about using an electric car like Tesla because of the limited range. But, the long-range Model 3 can go very far. I can drive over 300 miles on one charge if the weather is not too hot or cold.

The Model 3 loses more range when driving at high speeds, so I need to charge it more during road trips. But Tesla helps plan trips by telling me where to stop and how long to charge. This is very important for electric cars.

Model 3 Safety and Clean Air

Safety is very important for a car, and that’s why I chose the Model 3. This car did great in many safety tests. Its roof can hold up to 20,000 pounds! Because it has no engine, it protects people inside better than other cars.

This could save lives in an accident. The Model 3 also helps make the air cleaner in big cities. Even without big changes, it is an amazing car for its time.


I really like the Tesla Model 3, even though it gets too much attention. You can’t understand how great it is until you drive one. I’m happy with my 2023 Model 3, even though a new 2024 version is coming. It’s a safe and reliable car. I like the extras it has, like special seats and sensors.

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