The Best Smart Home Products In 2024 Don’t Miss Out

Hello, I am Prince Likhon. Integrating smart home technology into your residence has become increasingly simple and cost-effective – especially if your domicile has wireless internet connectivity and you frequently utilize your mobile device. Voice commands, mobile applications, central control hubs, or even a smartwatch can manage everything from indoor temperatures to video doorbells.

For individuals already utilizing Android systems or technologies compatible with Google Assistant voice control software (e.g. “Hey Google”) or Google Home smart speakers, there are abundant options available. Google Home products can regulate home lighting configurations and appliance functions. Additional items such as smart door locks and security equipment compatible with Google Home can further streamline life operations and management.

01. Rabbit R1 Could Be The Best Thing This Year

Rabbit R1

The Rabbit R1 is an exciting product. It sold 30,000 units in three days. The first 10,000 will be available around March or April. I bought one on the first day. It has many features like a cute interface, mic, camera, and even ordering pizza. It also has a voice assistant and can do things like get a pizza from DoorDash, play music on Spotify, and order an Uber for six people with luggage.

The R1 is special because it doesn’t need apps and can learn from websites. The best part was when it learned from the Mid Journey site, which makes art with AI. You can teach it to work with other websites too. This might be one of the top smart home products in 2024. It’s a risk at $200, but I think it’s worth trying.

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02. The Best Smart Lighting of the Year

The Best Smart Lighting of the Year

Govee is making new smart lighting devices in 2024. They made a new Floor Lamp Pro. It has better colors and effects. It also has a Bluetooth speaker in the base. The Table Lamp Pro has a speaker too. It can be an alarm clock by your bed. I like the new COB LED Strip.

It looks more like neon rope lights. I want to use it in my home instead of regular LED strips. Govee also has an AI Gaming Sync Box. It copies colors from your computer screen for games. More games will work with it this year.

There will be a new version that can show 8K resolution. I am excited about 4K at 120Hz, which it can do too. Govee is making a new curtain and an AI lighting effect generator. You can control it with text, voice, or images. It will work with many Govee lights you already have.

03. An Ultra-Level Improvement of Narwal Robot Vacuum

Robot Vacuum

In 2023, I liked the Narwhal robot vacuum the most. This year, they made a new one called Frio Ultra. It doesn’t get tangled and is easy to clean. The vacuum can hold dust for seven weeks. When you empty it, the dust won’t fly everywhere.

The Frio Ultra also mops very well. It can tell if the floor is still dirty and will mop again if needed. My friend who has this vacuum likes it a lot too. I am excited to try the new Narwhal Frio Ultra.

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04. Sonoff Made a Custom Dashboard

In 2023, I reviewed the Sonoff NS-Panel Pro. I said it needed a better interface and more options for customization and connection. The NS-Panel Pro looks like a light switch, but it is more than that. It is a ZigBee Hub and a Matter Controller. Last year, I connected other ZigBee and Matter devices to the Panel Pro.

I liked how it could go on the wall or in a special compartment from Sonoff. But the interface needed improvement. Now, the new Sonoff NS-Panel Pro 120 has a bigger display and more customization options.

This panel is a good home automation hub and security system. It connects with Philips Hue, Yeelight, and some Ikea products. This makes it a great choice for an affordable DIY smart home control system with a built-in dashboard. I am excited about the new version because it feels right and has better user experience features.

05. Robotics in a Vacuum

Robotics in a Vacuum

Let’s talk about plumbing. I want to show you two smart products that connect to your home’s pipes. First, the SwitchBot S10 is a robot vacuum and mop. It connects to your pipes for clean water and drains dirty water. The S10 also fills the Humidifier 2, so it does more than one job in your home.

The second product is from Kohler. They have a new shower control system called Anthem Plus. It’s not cheap, but it’s great for a fancy shower. It can control 12 valves and has different temperatures and pressures for each sprayer. Kohler also lets you control bathroom lights and speakers for a luxury experience. If I built a new shower, I would think about getting it.

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06. Aqara Might Be The Big New Player

Aqara has made great progress in smart home systems since 2024. If you want a new smart home system, consider the M3. It has wireless technology to control your home. It works with ZigBee 3.0 and Aqara’s older products. It also works with new Matter and Matter over Thread products.

For the first time, Aqara lets third-party Matter products work with their app. This gives more automation options and power to devices like the FP2 presence sensor. Aqara has new smart locks too, like the U200 and U300. Both work with the new hub. I loved the U100 and can’t wait to try the new locks with the new hub.

07. The Best Smart Security Camera This Year

The Best Smart Security Camera This Year

Real Length has made many cameras, and they are good at creating clear videos. The new Duo 3 PoE camera is a double camera that shows two sides. It makes a big picture with one device. This camera can see 180 degrees, has 16 megapixel UHD quality, and uses two 4K sensors.

It gets power from Ethernet through PoE. You can save videos on a small SD card. This camera works with Real Length’s NVR systems and other systems like Home Assistant. So, keep an eye on this one.

08. Did Google Smart Displays Just Die

Do Google Nest Hubs have a future? LG’s new 2024 TVs are now like Google Home Hubs. They control things in the Google Home app and work with Matter. They also work with LG’s ThinQ products and app, which you can control using your TV. These TVs have Chromecast built-in too. Since LG is focusing on smart homes and Google is not, LG’s products might be very important for Google users in 2024.

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