Top 10 Free ChatGPT 4 Alternatives to Use in 2024

Since artificial intelligence became available to the public, ChatGpt has become the best companion for all users. To date, millions of people have visited the site and many more continue to do so. When asked about an artificial intelligence assistant, most individuals will respond with ChatGPT. ChatGPT is one of the first free accessible AI bots.

leveraging such tools can boost your productivity and reduce your mundane, letting you scale content production and expand your workflow without a hefty investment. However, ChatGPT isn’t the only framework for AI nor it is the best option out there.

Top 10 Free ChatGPT 4 Alternatives to Use in 2024

In other words, you can easily find ChatGPT alternatives, if you know where to look. Now don’t get me wrong – ChatGPT is a language genius, tackling all sorts of tasks, but what if you want something more flair, or an easier tool in your pocket?

If you are in the market for the best alternative for ChatGPT then this can make it happen. Before diving into the alternative let’s find out why we need it in the first place. The first one is downtime, It often becomes overwhelmed during peak hours with millions of users, and the response time is much longer for free users.

While $20/month for an AI tool might not seem like much, it doesn’t fit everyone’s budget. Chatgpt is the pioneer of AI, understanding real problems in various situations but now Chatgpt is paid. We must find alternatives to ChatGPT, lets explore 10 ChatGPT alternatives both paid and free.

1. GravityWrite


Gravity Write is the top free ChatGPT 4 alternative in our list. It’s like a secret weapon for business owners and content creators. Imagine having a buddy who transforms your ideas, and imagination into solid proof-writing or strategy whether you are opening up a business or spicing up the website you need best! isn’t it 

Gravity handles everything from product description to ad copies, YouTube scripting to email marketing all heavy lifting. Also writing with gravity will give you a breeze, with a welcoming dashboard and excellent website writing. The fun part is not just words but also images. Its pricing is quite affordable, like 0 dollars for 2000 words, and also has some quite affordable plans for all walks of professions.

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2. Microsoft Bing Chatbot – Best Alternatives for ChatGPT

Microsoft Bing Chatbot

It offers virtual assistance like answering questions, providing information, and performing tasks like scheduling emails or appointments. These chatbots are highly integrated with Microsoft Teams and allow users to consume some high information and other facilities.

They use natural processing language to understand and respond to queries can conduct online research based on specific keywords produce acute responses and give relevant references a ChatGPT alternative and its free of cost.

3. Jasper AI

Jasper AI

Think of Jasper, as a robust alternative to ChatGPT, your ultimate online partner for making awesome content online. Needs words for ads, blogs, and email;? Jasper is here. Jasper speaks in many languages and has more than 50 ways to help you out.

It can write ads for blogs. And the most exciting part of this it teams up with Surf SEO to get your words noticed by everyone. Chatting with Jasper is like chatting with a friend, it is like funny brainstorming with your friend, and drum rolls it can generate digital art also! its pricing system is simple yet powerful.

4. Writesonic


Imagine this, an AI-powered chatbot not only understands your words words but also visualizes them for you you heard it right. That write sonic for you This is chat sonic by write-sonic fueled by GPT 4 making a list. It will be surely your writing bff as it corrects sentence structure, words, and even other suggestions on how you can make them better.

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You can use voice commands to get your desired digital art also. It can add various tones to your content. It offers you a library of templates like academic, business, etc and the good part is that it is compatible with WordPress and also with docs. starts with 0$ for 10000 words and for the freelancer it’s only 16$ monthly. The small team’s package starts at 19$ per month.

5. Google Bard

Google Bard

Google Bard is a notable alternative for ChatGPT 4 but it is more sleek and stylish. And dressed up in Google pretty design. Bard is super fast and can do a lot of things like write answers to define terms and produce amazing awestruck content. Bards keep a record of your things so you won’t forget.

Another fun feature of Bard is when you ask a question it gives you 3 options or drafts to choose from It is like having a buffet in your favorite restaurant You can collaborate with Alexa and Google Assistant like a pal buddy. It will unleash your creativity and productivity.

6. GitHub CoPilot

GitHub CoPilot

It is a super cool AI tool that makes your coding life easier and makes coding feel like a breeze .and its not only in two languages, it can help you with a whole bunch like Java script, phyton, and even more than 12 in total.

Whether you are a pro or just starting coding it can be your best friend for coding. It works with also popular coding platforms like vs code. It feels like having a universal remote for coding. if you are contributing to free source projects then it is free for you. For others, it’s like 10$ per month which is quite affordable.

7. Claude


Meet Claude, your new AI Pal from Anthropic. It’s best used in supportive roles, where it provides pieces of information, and summarizes the texts, most quickly and efficiently. It can be quite creative and handy. It prioritizes ethical AI use and safe interactions. It is well known for creative responses also available in API form. It is very cheap and if you are looking for things in safe hands you should go for it.

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8. Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI

One of the most notable alternatives of ChatGPT is is very good at giving straightforward answers. It has some recent updates like, it can produce relevant citations and follow-up queries. It is quite user-friendly. Preplexity listens to your commands and customizes the answers accordingly and the best part is it is free of cost.

9. HuggingChat


It has options for multiple chats. It can do everything a ChatGPT can do. It can write interesting facts, and jokes, and curate HTML codes for websites. There is a handy toggle to enable web access. It is good for coding also. It can perform a variety of functions. It can upload PDF files, and it’s safer to search for information to get precise info. It’s safe to use. All of your data is safe for authentication.

10. YouChat


It can facilitate web searching simply type your query into and it will give you a unique response rather than some typical bot answers You can also ask for other services like idea generation, email writing, and text generation, and also get assistance from Java, phyton and other coding language.

It is an amazing alternative to ChatGPT. Its coding response is more accurate than Google claimed by your chat. You can instruct about material, tone, and crucial points. The alternative of ChatGPT will continue to grow in competencies and technology evolves. Even if the ChatGPT is well known we must explore other websites when finalizing the AI assistant.

There are many chatbot rivals present and they offer various features for everyday use in comparison to ChatGPT. As said ChatGPT is a pioneer but it can be replaced, we must give them a chance to show their capabilities in the world of technology.

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