Top 10 Innovations That Failures: Most Epic Failures in The World of Robotics

Last year had many great tech wins but also big failures. We made a top 10 list of failures. It has Elon Musk, OpenAI, and others who want to forget 2023. This passage considers 10 inventions that were initially unsuccessful but later proved influential. When an entrepreneur has a novel idea, conducts thorough research, and secures necessary capital, failure of the new business is still possible if the market is prematurely introduced to the concept.

A few years down the line, once consumers are ready to adopt the technology or business model, replication by others may achieve vibrant commercialization. The examples demonstrate how the timing of introducing an invention can determine its fate, and ahead-of-their-time ideas may still shape future technologies by planting seeds for later growth.

01. Rapid Innovations vs Safety

Rapid Innovations vs Safety

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The saddest story is about people who died because of a risky invention. Stockton Rush, a former aerospace engineer, believed the future was at the bottom of the ocean. He started OceanGate and built a small submarine called Titan. It had a special system to check its health and warn of problems.

But, some people warned Rush about the submarine’s safety. He said safety was a waste of time. One day, he took three tourists and a specialist to see the Titanic deep in the ocean. The submarine exploded, and everyone died. After this, OceanGate stopped all their work.

02. Autonomous Robotaxis The End

Self-driving cars had some trouble last year. Cruise and Waymo got permission to offer rides without drivers in San Francisco. But soon, problems started. At a music festival, robot cars made a big traffic jam. People thought it was a connection issue, but someone actually broke the first car on purpose.

The other cars just waited for it to move. Things got worse. A Cruise taxi hit a firetruck, and the company had to cut its fleet in half. Then, a Cruise car dragged a woman 20 feet down the road. She was hit by another car with a person driving it.

We don’t know what happened to that driver, but Cruise’s future is unclear. Cruise stopped self-driving car operations and let go of 25% of its workers. They checked all their technology and safety rules to try and fix their reputation.

03. Artificially Raised Meat

Artificially Raised Meat

The next problem is about new food ideas. People thought we would get protein from bugs or algae, but the biggest hope was lab-made meat. This is because animals like cows are bad for the environment. There might not be enough real meat for everyone soon. A company called Upside Foods in California tried to make lab meat.

They got lots of money, but making the meat was hard. Right now, they grow chicken skin cells in small tubes by hand and then press them into little pieces. This takes a lot of work, plastic, and energy. It costs 10 times more than real meat.

Also, scientists say making fake meat causes more pollution than real meat. Animal pollution goes away after some time, but pollution from fake meat stays in the air forever. People who like fake meat don’t want to give up. They hope to make it better and cheaper one day.

04. Smartphone Killer Technology

Many tech companies want to make a device that can replace smartphones. They think phones can be harmful because of things like TikTok. But making a new gadget is not easy. A company called Humane made a plastic badge with a camera and other parts.

It took five years, lots of money, and help from big companies to create. You can control it with your voice, touch, or by showing a picture on your hand. The badge can send messages, play music, take photos, call people, and even translate languages. But there are some problems.

The badge weighs as much as a tennis ball and must always be on your clothes. Talking to it in public places might be weird. And it might not be fun to use on long trips. We think this gadget may not become popular. If you have one and want to share your thoughts, please tell us in the comments below.

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05. A Perfect Superconductor

A Perfect Superconductor

A scientist found something amazing in physics. They said they made a superconductor that works at room temperature. A superconductor has no electrical resistance. It could make better batteries, and powerful quantum computers, and help with nuclear fusion. This is a big deal in physics.

The news became very popular fast. A video showed the material, called LK99, floating because of its special property. On Elon Musk’s social network, 30 million people saw it. Korean scientists shared the secret formula, and many companies tried to make it too.

But it didn’t work for anyone. The material could float in a magnetic field but wasn’t a superconductor. It was an insulator, which means it doesn’t conduct electricity at all. It floated because of some impurities that got in by accident.

06. Geoengineering: Salvation or Madness?

We write an article about how the world might end. One way is by changing the weather on purpose. This is called solar geoengineering. It means putting shiny things in the sky to cool Earth down. A company called MakeSunsets tried to do this.

They used a balloon to put a special gas into the sky. They thought it would make Earth cooler. But not everyone thinks this is a good idea. Some scientists say it won’t fix the problem, only hide it. That could be very bad for our planet.

07. Wrong Time for a Meta-Universe

Wrong Time for a Meta-Universe

Oy Vey happened to Mark Zuckerberg. He is a big tech person, but people laughed at him for changing Facebook’s name to Meta. The Metaverse didn’t become popular, even though he spent $40 billion on it.

It’s not important now. Last year, people were sad that the fight between Zuckerberg and Elon Musk didn’t happen. Who do you think would win? Musk did karate and Zuck knows jiu-jitsu. Tell us what you think.

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08. X, Tesla, Cybertruck, and High-Speed Tunnels

This year, Elon Musk made some big mistakes. First, he made decisions on Twitter that caused a lot of confusion. But don’t worry, the company X is still growing well. Next, the Tesla Cybertruck was released. People thought it would cost $40,000, but it was actually $60,000. This made car fans very unhappy. The Cybertruck also had problems when its wheel fell off during a race in the desert.

Tesla had more trouble with their older cars too. They had to fix a problem with 2,193,869 cars because the control lamps were the wrong size. Now they need to work hard to earn back people’s trust since they aren’t selling as many electric cars in China anymore.

And remember Musk’s fast tunnel under Las Vegas? It was built in 2018 but still isn’t finished. You can only ride in a Tesla Model X at 40 miles per hour with company staff driving. That’s not very fast! But there is good news: the TeslaBot is making progress. We will tell you more about it in our next video, so please subscribe.

09. The Failures of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

In 2023, generative artificial intelligence had some problems. Lawyers asked ChatGPT, a smart computer, for help with legal papers. But ChatGPT made mistakes and used fake court cases. The lawyer had to tell the judge about it.

Tech news website CNET also had trouble. They used a tool called RAMP to write articles, but the articles were bad. They had to take back more than 35 articles. ChatGPT also made mistakes with people’s private information.

Samsung workers couldn’t use AI to find problems in important computer code. An open AI problem showed the payment data of some ChatGPT Plus users. ChatGPT is a big step forward in AI, but we must be careful when using it for now.

10. Losers of the Year: OpenAI Board of Directors

Let’s talk about OpenAI and their leaders. They tried to remove Sam Altman but failed. This surprised many people. The board fired Sam but did not say why. There were some unclear reasons, but they did not get support.

In the end, most employees wanted to leave with Sam. Microsoft offered to help them. So, Sam stayed and the board changed. Sam Altman and Ilya Sutskover are important people at the company. What tech things or leaders disappointed you last year?

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