Vivo V30 5G Review: Best Mid-Range Android Phone 2024

I got the Vivo V29 phone 6 months ago, but now there’s a new one called V30. It has a cool design, a big 6.78-inch screen, a larger battery, better cameras, and works faster. Let’s look at the Vivo V30 and learn more about it.

Vivo V30 Design Overview

Vivo has a standard design for its smartphones, and the Vivo V30 is no different. It has a 6.78-inch screen but feels smaller because the display fills the whole front. The edges are slightly curved, and it’s very thin. This phone weighs just under 200 grams, which is good for its size.

Vivo V30 Design Overview

The screen is responsive even when you grip the phone tightly. The shiny edge is made of plastic, not metal. The back of the Vivo V30 is where it really stands out. There are four different designs to choose from, like Wave and Aqua, lush green, or simple black.

The one shown here is bloom white with a 3D petal pattern that looks nice when light hits it. The soft-touch finish doesn’t show fingerprints, so you don’t need to clean it often. The design might not be for everyone as it looks like bathroom tiles. The screen isn’t protected by Gorilla Glass but instead uses shot zensation alpha glass.

Vivo also includes a screen protector. This phone isn’t fully water-resistant but can handle some dust and splashes. It should be okay in light rain but don’t drop it in water. That’s all about the design, now let’s talk about the software.

Vivo V30 Features and FunTouch OS

The software on this phone is Android, but Vivo added their FunTouch OS launcher to it. It has Android 14 and FunTouch OS 14. The good news is that Vivo will give three OS updates and four years of security updates for the V30.

Vivo V30 Features and FunTouch OS

Even though a new model may come soon, the V30 will stay up-to-date. The FunTouch launcher is easy to use and doesn’t change Android much. You can customize many parts of it, like animations and always-on displays. There’s also a gaming mode and video tools.

However, the Vivo V30 has a lot of unwanted apps, like Facebook and Agoda. Some can be removed, but others can’t. My review model has 500GB of storage, but you can also get 128GB or 256GB versions. Sadly, you can’t add more storage with a memory card, only two SIM cards fit in the tray.

Vivo V30 Display and Audio

The 6.8-inch AMOLED display is great. It has a 2800×1260 resolution, so it’s clear and bright. The colors look good, and it supports HDR10 streaming, but not Dolby Vision. The screen is easy to see outside, and the refresh rate goes up to 120Hz.

Vivo V30 Display and Audio

But, this phone doesn’t have a special display to save battery life. The sound on the Vivo V30 isn’t as good because it only has one speaker at the bottom. It works okay for watching videos or playing games, but sometimes your hand might cover the speaker. It’s better to use headphones with this phone, but there’s no headphone jack. You can use Bluetooth headphones, which work well.

Vivo V30 Performance and Gaming

The big improvement in the Vivo V30 compared to the Vivo V29 is the new Snapdragon 7 Gen 3. This makes the phone work very well and smoothly, even when using the camera a lot. Vivo put 12 gigabytes of RAM in this model, which helps it work even better.

Vivo V30 Performance and Gaming

When playing a game like Genshin Impact with high graphics settings, it might not be as smooth. But if you use medium to high settings, it works well and is fun to play.

The Vivo V30 stays cool even after playing for a long time. It has a special mode for gaming that lets you change settings and block notifications. Vivo says the V30 will work smoothly for more than four years. It would be interesting to see how it works in 2028.

Vivo V30 Battery Life

The new battery in the v30 is better because it is bigger, 5000 milliamp hours. It also uses less energy and doesn’t get hot, even when you play games all day. The battery lasts a long time, giving you hours of use. If the battery runs out, don’t worry. The Vivo V30 charges fast with 80 watts wired charging. In just one hour, it will be fully charged again. But, there is no wireless charging for this phone.

Vivo V30 Camera Review

The Vivo V30 has a 50-megapixel main camera with image stabilization. It also has a special light called “Aura Light” that you can control. You can change the color of the flash from warm to cool. The warm flash makes your skin look nice.

Vivo V30 Camera Review

This phone takes good pictures in different settings, like low light and portraits. It even has a high-resolution mode for 50-megapixel photos. This is helpful if you want to zoom in on a picture. But, there’s no telephoto camera on the V30.

The V30 has two cameras: the main one and a 50-megapixel ultra-wide one. Both cameras take clear pictures with good colors in different settings. For videos, you can record in Full HD at 30 or 60 frames per second, or in 4K at 30 frames per second. The 4K videos look great and have good sound.

The front camera is also 50 megapixels, so your selfies will be very detailed. The camera works well in different lighting and has a screen flash for low light. You can record up to 4K video at 30 frames per second or Full HD at 30 or 60 frames per second. Overall, the Vivo V30 is great for taking pictures and videos, as well as video calls like Skype or Zoom.


So, I want to tell you about the new Vivo V30. It’s better than the Vivo V29 and I really like it. It can’t run Genshin on high settings, but it works well overall. The battery life is good and it has lots of features. There’s a special OS and security support too.

There are some small problems, like one speaker and some extra apps you might not want. But I don’t have many complaints. I would love to hear what you think in the comments.

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